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The 4823 is the world’s first high-speed, high-resolution, 8-channel automotive oscilloscope, and is fast enough for CAN, CAN FD, and FlexRay including serial data decoding. It is ready-configured for automotive probes and includes more than 150 Guided tests, plus access to thousands of comparisons in the Pico waveform library which now supports 8 channels.

- 8 channels
- 12-bit resolution
- 20 MHz bandwidth
- 256 MS buffer memory
- Full support in PicoScope Automotive software and waveform library
- Comprehensive range of filters and triggers
- SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface

2, 4 or 8 channel PicoScope?

The two and four channel PicoScope 4225 and 4425 are our recommended products for general workshop use.  The floating ground design, ConnectDetect™ and 200V inputs makes for a very robust and easy to use product.

For experienced oscilloscope users involved in training, vehicle design and complex diagnostics the 8 channel PicoScope 4823 may be a suitable choice. Rather than floating grounds which require a ground connection per channel the 4823 has common grounds which are protected by self resetting fuses.  This means that you do not need one ground per channel which can be a real time saver when connecting up lots of channels.  The common ground design limits the maximum input range of the 4823 to 50V (protected to 100V) so attenuators will be required when measuring voltage signals from inductive components such as injectors and primary ignition.

To learn more about the 2 and 4 channel products visit the PicoScope 4225 and 4425 pages.

Why should you buy a PicoScope 4823?

PicoScope is used and trusted by more authorised and independent repairers than any other measurement system because it gives them the capability, confidence and support to quickly find and prove the fix for most vehicle faults. When you buy a PicoScope, you benefit from more than 25 years investment in the world’s best diagnostic oscilloscopes.

The PicoScope 4823 is simply the best 8-channel diagnostic oscilloscope for vehicle and equipment technicians, offering unrivalled performance for the same amount as equipment that leaves you stuck or frustrated by the limitations. The Pico community and resources are there for you every step of the way with a PicoScope diagnostic oscilloscope.

Typical applications

The PicoScope 4823 is a low-cost, portable solution for multi-input applications. With 8 high-resolution, high-speed analog channels you have a perfect solution for a range of diagnostic needs such as:

- V6/V8 Cam timing (4/6 cams plus crank, and sometimes a WPS), and VVT timing systems.
- Trucks, construction and agriculture equipment that typically requires a mix of electrical and hydraulic measurements on multiple valves simultaneously to diagnose problems with system interaction.
- Full system diagnosis on components (including power, ground, signals, current)
- Diagnosing faults on multiple serial busses (CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay)

The 256 MS deep memory allows several seconds of capture at the full sampling rate (ideal for long captures of serial data or looking for glitches). Managing all this data calls for some powerful tools, so zoom factors of several million are possible. Other tools such as the waveform buffer, mask limit test, serial decode and hardware acceleration work with the deep memory making the PicoScope 4823 one of the most powerful diagnostic oscilloscopes on the market.

The compact size and USB power makes the PicoScope 4823 ideal for those on the move.  For the first time you can carry an 8 channel oscilloscope in your bag!

8-channel Professional kit

The new PicoScope 4823 is available as a scope-only option if you already have an automotive PicoScope and want to add the 8-channel capability to your toolset.

We have given you the opportunity to freely configure your own kit, or you can select the Professional kit that we have already put together for you.

Whatever your application and requirement, we have a range of Pico accessories and applications that will empower you to tackle diagnostic issues including electrical, pressure, hydraulic, timing, communications, noise, vibrations and many more.

The Professional kit contains a 4823 scope, 2000A, 30A and 60A current clamps, secondary ignition leads, Coil-On-Plug probe, a full set of fuse extension leads, eight test leads and a comprehensive set of adaptors.

Fast Sampling

The PicoScope 4823 can capture high-speed signals that are too fast for many other automotive oscilloscopes. With sampling rates of up to 80 million samples per second, there is nothing that can escape the scrutiny of PicoScope.

CAN and FlexRay are now common on vehicles, and new protocols such as SENT for digital sensors and CAN FD (up to 5x faster than the current CAN standard) now present in some vehicles. The fast sampling rate ensures that the PicoScope 4823 has the speed to handle future needs as vehicle technology changes.

Crisp, clear high-resolution display

A deep waveform memory gives you a high time resolution, but a high vertical resolution is equally important. It allows you to see small changes in signal such as ignition coil oscillations and the small dip in current when an injector opens.

Many oscilloscopes only offer 8-bit resolution which allows 256 vertical steps. As most PC monitors have vertical resolutions of over 1000 pixels, this results in a low-resolution "blocky" display. The PicoScope 4823 has 12-bit resolution (4096 steps), and when not using the full sampling rate of the scope this can be enhanced to 16 bits (65 536 steps).

The image shows the same ignition signal captured at both 8 bits and 12 bits. With the 8-bit oscilloscope the coil oscillations are distorted while at 12 bits they are in clear high definition.

Memory Buffer

The best way to diagnose an intermittent fault is often to set up the scope to measure from several components and wait for the fault to occur. For an intermittent misfire, you might want to capture several minutes of cam, crank, ignition and injector waveforms. These types of tests require an oscilloscope with a "deep" memory buffer, so that you can capture for long periods of time and then zoom in without any gaps or loss of detail.

With PicoScope you can collect 250 MILLION samples, more than any other automotive oscilloscope. Our advanced "always on" memory technology uses hardware acceleration to make sure that the processing of large amounts of data does not slow the oscilloscope down even when you are using a slower or older PC.

Deep memory allows long recordings at high speed – you capture a complete test drive whilst looking for intermittent faults. When not using the full memory for a single waveform, PicoScope automatically stores up to the last 10,000 waveforms in the buffer, so you can stop the scope and “wind back time” to see every capture.

Advanced features

Most new users start by using the guided tests to configure all the settings automatically. As your experience grows there are many advanced features to explore. These include:

    Advanced digital triggers. Unique among automotive oscilloscopes, these trigger modes allow you to trigger when there is too long a time gap (such as when an injector fails to fire). They can also be set to trigger and sound an alarm when a sensor signal goes out of range.
    Filters. Some signals are noisy as wires in the loom pick up noise from other wires. The ECU filters this noise out. The PicoScope 4823 has selectable hardware filters to remove this noise, so you see what the ECU sees.
    Ffrequency measurement. Flow sensors and some airflow sensors output a digital frequency signal. Most oscilloscopes can't extract usable diagnostic information from this, but your PicoScope can convert it to a conventional analog waveform (as shown in this MAF sensor example).

Every aspect of your PicoScope has been designed for a long working life, and it has the performance to ensure it will not be obsoleted by the changing technology in new vehicles. The hardware is robust and reliable with no moving parts or batteries to fail. Combine this with free support and free software updates for the life of the product and its easy to see why a PicoScope is the choice for professional diagnostics.

USB 3.0 for power, speed and simplicity

As with all our automotive PicoScope oscilloscopes, no external power supply is required and there are no batteries to go flat, just a simple reliable connection to the USB port.

The PicoScope 4823 has the latest SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port to interface to your PC. Don't worry if your PC only has USB 2.0 ports – the PicoScopes are fully compatible with these too. If you have USB 3.0 on your PC you will notice slightly faster screen update rates, faster file saving and USB streaming. As more of our customers move to PCs with USB 3.0, free software updates will ensure that you get the full benefits available from the new standard.

Our unique fast USB streaming allows continuous gap-free data to be collected straight to PC memory. This makes features like our cylinder balance, battery test and (optional) NVH tests possible. It also allows the oscilloscope to display live, real-time data without waiting for the screen to refresh.

Common ground vs Floating inputs

The 2 and 4 channel automotive PicoScopes feature floating input channels - a unique technology that allows safe, low-noise measurements even in situations where none of the inputs are grounded.  

In contrast, the 4823 features a common ground connection where grounding any one input also grounds all the others.

On the 4823, the USB ground of the PC connection is also linked to the ground on the BNC outer connectors. In order to minimise the risks to scan tools and other equipment connected to the PC, the 4823 includes special  (self-resetting) protection fuses on the inputs limiting any unwanted current flow on the ground in the event that the ground is incorrectly connected.

Arbitrary waveform and function generator

The PicoScope 4823 has a built-in low-voltage function generator (sine, square, triangle, DC level ­and others) and arbitrary waveform generator. The output voltage range is ±2 V, and so an external amplifier will be required for most workshop applications.

As well as basic controls to set level, offset and frequency, more advanced controls allow you to sweep over a range of frequencies.

The 14-bit 80 MS/s arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) can be used to emulate low-voltage signals. AWG waveforms can be created or edited using the built-in AWG editor, imported from oscilloscope traces, or loaded from a spreadsheet.

Professional kit contents

PA1861Carry Case: Heavy Duty PS4823
PR3611PS4823 8 channel 20MHz 80MS/s USB3.0 automotive scope
MI1211Cable: USB2 4.5m
TA1551Cable: USB 3.0 blue 1.8m
MI1682"S" Hook
TA1251Premium Test Lead: 3M BNC to 4mm blue permanent ground
TA1261Premium Test Lead: 3M BNC to 4mm red permanent ground
TA1271Premium Test Lead: 3M BNC to 4mm green permanent ground
TA1281Premium Test Lead: 3M BNC to 4mm yellow permanent ground
TA4724Premium Test Lead: 3M BNC to 4mm black permanent ground
LA7321Label: Destiny 8 channel scope sheet of coloured labels
TA1974Divide by 10 attenuator
TA3752Oscilloscope probe: 1:1/10:1 switchable 100 MHz, BNC
MI0748Secondary Ignition Pickup (automotive test lead)
TA0374HT extension test lead
TA2041Insulated COP and signal probe
TA0331Lead: BNC to BNC with earth clamp
TA1061Earth wire for coil pack 45cm long
TA018160A DC current clamp with BNC connector
TA1671Precision 2000A/200A current clamp BNC
TA2341Current Clamp: 30A
TA3291Ultrasonic Parking Sensor Detector
TA3301Keyless Entry Detector
TA0341Breakout lead for ATC style fuses
TA0351Extension lead for mini style fuses
TA1681Extension lead for JCASE fuse
TA2061Extension lead for maxi style fuses
TA3241Premium 6-way breakout lead set
PA14716 pocket roll up pouch in black Pico branded
TA0081Electronics Acupuncture Probes
TA0012Multimeter style test probe (black)
TA0022Multimeter style test probe (red)
TA0032Small crocodile clip (black)
TA0042Small crocodile clip (red)
TA0052Dolphin clip 1000V CATIII (black)
TA0062Dolphin clip 1000V CAT III (red)
TA01784mm shrouded to unshrouded adaptor red
TA1572Battery clip 4mm socket (red)
TA1584Battery clip 4mm socket (black)
TA1618Flexible back pinning probe black
TA1628Flexible back pinning probe red

PicoScope 4823 software

PicoScope Automotive is the powerful software package that turns your PC into a diagnostic oscilloscope when used with a PicoScope device. PicoScope has been designed to make it easy for you to diagnose vehicle faults. Packed with features such as automated measurements, reference waveforms and the ability to save and print waveforms, PicoScope Automotive is the ultimate tool for your diagnostic toolbox.

Also included is PicoDiagnostics software to quickly test batteries, alternators, starter motors, compression and cylinder balance. Professional reports allow you to show your customer what you have checked and any problems you have found.

Download the software today, which will run in demo mode without a scope attached, allowing you to explore the capability and see how PicoScope can benefit your business and customers.

Key Specifications

Model: PicoScope 4823
Channels: 8
Bandwidth: 20 MHz
Resolution: 12 bits (16 bits enhanced)
Sampling rate: 80 MS/s (1-4 channels in use); 40 MS/s (5-8 channels in use)
Buffer memory: 250 M samples
Input ranges (full scale): ±10 mV to ±50 V in 12 ranges
Software supplied: PicoScope®, PicoDiagnostics®
Language support: Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
PC and power requirements: Desktop or laptop running Windows 10 (recommended); Powered from PC USB port (USB 3.0 / 3.1 recommended; USB 2.0 compatible).

Detailed specifications

Oscilloscope specifications (vertical)
Model: PicoScope 4823
Bandwidth: 20 MHz (50 mV to 50 V ranges); 10 MHz (10 mV and 20 mV ranges)
Channels: 8
Vertical resolution: 12 bits
Enhanced vertical resolution: 16 bits
DC accuracy: ±1% of full scale ±300 μV
Input Sensitivity: 2 mV/div to 10 V/div
Input ranges (full scale): ±10 mV to ±50 V in 12 ranges
Input characteristics: 1 MΩ in parallel with 19 pF
Input type: BNC
Input coupling: Software selectable AC/DC
Overvoltage protection: ±100 V (DC + AC peak)

Oscilloscope — horizontal
Maximum sampling rate: 80 MS/s (1-4 channels in use); 40 MS/s (5-8 channels in use)
Maximum sampling rate (USB streaming): 20 MS/s (USB 3.0); 10 MS/s (USB 2.0)
Buffer memory: 250 M samples
Waveform buffer: Up to 10,000 waveforms
Timebase ranges: 100 ns/div to 5000 s/div

Dynamic performance (typical)
Crosstalk: 20 000:1, DC to 20 MHz
Harmonic distortion: < −60 dB
SFDR: > 60 dB
Noise: 220 μV RMS on 50 mV range
Bandwidth flatness: DC to full bandwidth (+0.25 dB, −3 dB)
ADC ENOB: 11.3 bits

Signal generator
Standard output signals: Sine, square, triangle, DC voltage, ramp, sinc, Gaussian, half-sine, white noise, PRBS
Standard signal frequency: DC to 1 MHz
Sweep modes: Up, down, dual
Triggering: Can trigger a counted number of waveform cycles or sweeps (up to 1 billion) from the scope trigger or manually from software.
Frequency accuracy: ±20 ppm
Frequency resolution: < 20 MHz
Voltage range: ±2 V
Amplitude and offset adjustment: Signal amplitude and offset within ± 2V range.
DC accuracy: ±1% of full scale
Output characteristics: Rear-panel BNC, 600 Ω output impedance
Overvoltage protection: ±10 V

Arbitrary waveform generator
Update rate: 80 MS/s
Buffer size: 16 kS
Resolution: 14 bits

Source: Any input channel
Basic triggers: Auto, repeat, single, none
Advanced triggers: Rising edge, falling edge, edge with hysteresis, pulse width, runt pulse, dropout, windowed
Maximum pre-trigger delay: Up to 100% of capture length
Maximum post-trigger delay: Up to 4 billion samples

Spectrum analyzer
Frequency range: DC to 20 MHz
Display modes: Magnitude, average, peak hold
Windowing functions: Rectangular, Gaussian, triangular, Blackman, Blackman-Harris, Hamming, Hann, flat-top
Number of FFT points: Selectable from 128 up to 1 million in powers of 2
Scale / units: X axis - linear or log 10; Y axis - logarithmic (dbV, dBu, dBm, arbitrary) or linear (volts)

Math channels
General functions: −x, x+y, x−y, x*y, x/y, x^y, sqrt, exp, ln, log, abs, norm, sign, sin, cos, tan, arcsin, arccos, arctan, sinh, cosh, tanh, derivative, integral, delay
Filter functions: Low pass, high pass, band stop, band pass
Graphing functions: Frequency, duty cycle
Multi-waveform functions: Min, max, average, peak
Operands: Input channel, reference waveforms, time, constants, pi

Automatic measurements
Scope mode: AC RMS, true RMS, cycle time, DC average, duty cycle, falling rate, fall time, frequency, high pulse width, low pulse width, maximum, minimum, peak to peak, rise time, rising rate.
Spectrum mode: Frequency at peak, amplitude at peak, average amplitude at peak, total power, THD %, THD dB, THD+N, SFDR, SINAD, SNR, IMD
Statistics: Minimum, maximum, average and standard deviation

Serial decoding
Protocols: CAN, LIN, I²C, UART/RS-232, SPI, I²S, FlexRay, CAN FD
Inputs: All input channels with any mixture of protocols

Mask limit testing
Mask generation: Auto generate from captured waveform, manual drawing, manual coordinate entry
Actions: Highlight on screen, select in buffer overview, activate alarm
Statistics: Pass/fail, failure count, total count

Initiating events: Capture, buffer full, mask fail
Alarm actions: Beep, play sound, stop/restart capture, run executable, save current buffer/all buffers, trigger signal generator

Data export
Output file formats: BMP, CSV, GIF, JPG, MATLAB 4, PDF, PNG, PicoScope data, PicoScope settings, TXT
Output functions: Copy to clipboard, print

Operating environment: Temperature range of 0 °C to 40 °C (20 °C to 30 °C for quoted accuracy); Humidity of 5% to 80% RH, non-condensing
Storage environment: Temperature range of –20 to +60°C; Humidity of 5% to 95% RH, non–condensing

Physical dimensions
Dimensions: 190 x 160 x 40 mm (approx 7.5 x 6.3 x 1.6 in)
Weight < 550 g (approx 1.2 lb)

Software included: PicoScope 6 oscilloscope software with waveform database and guided tests. PicoDiagnostics software
Languages: Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean*, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

Additional hardware (supplied): USB cable, user manuals
PC requirements: Desktop or laptop running Windows 10 recommended
PC connectivity: Powered from PC USB port (USB 3.0 / 3.1 recommended, USB 2.0 compatible).
Power requirements: Powered from USB ports
Safety approvals: LVD compliant
EMC approvals: Tested to meet EN61326-1:2006 and FCC Part 15 Subpart B
Environmental approvals: RoHS and WEEE compliant
Warranty: 2 years

When operated in the presence of high EM fields, interference in the form of additional measurement noise may be experienced. This is no cause for concern but the user should endeavour to minimise any adverse effects so caused through careful positioning when in use and/or not operating within close proximity of potential sources of interference such as mobile telephone transmitters, antenna masts, etc.

Technical Note: Choosing a Scope

PicoScope 6 Automotive Poster

PicoScope User's Guide

PicoScope Quick Start Guide

Press Release: PicoScope Waveform Library

Automotive Osciloscope Diagnostics: A PicoScope Guide

Automotive Diagnostic Oscilloscopes - Case Studies

Data Sheet

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